Zoomer Wantijrun 2019

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Zoomer Wantijrun 2019

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One of the youngest sport events in Dordrecht took place last Wednesday (2019-06-26). I think it is the 3rd edition of this event and it has all potention to stay one of the mayor events in my hometown. Great sponsors and many excited contestants and volunteers. As a mid year event this can be a real challenge with higher temperatures. But this year it got really lucky to have a slightly cooler day in the middle of an ungoing heat wave this past week. For Fortius it is the last sports event, just before the summer break. For those running marathons in October and November it is just another scheduled training!

For me, I am still struggling with overweight and lack of fitness. So I took my bike and went there to take some photo's of the event at the 11km checkpoint on the 10EM. So no pictures of the 5km and 10km, sorry.

85 Photos of Zoomer Wantijrun 10EM (photography by Edward Pieper).

Finish times: Race Results

Official website : www.zoomerwantijrun.nl

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